Manny Pacquiao should give up boxing and “run” for his country, according to Bernard Hopkins.


Manny Pacquiao should give up boxing and “run” for his country, according to Bernard Hopkins.

Manny Pacquiao should listen to Bernard Hopkins’ advice.

Professional boxers aren’t all born with the ability to live a long life. Pacquiao and Hopkins are two of the few boxers who have had a long career in the sport.

Hopkins, like the “Pac-Man,” fought a variety of world champions from several times.

While others believe Pacquiao still has a lot more fight left in him, “B-Hop” is already advising the Filipino boxer to end it a career.

Pacquiao, according to Hopkins, should now concentrate on how he can lead his country rather than boxing.

Hopkins recently told EsNews’ Elie Seckbach, “I hope [Manny] Pacquiao changes his mind.” “I sincerely hope he is in charge of the country. He has a lot of potential for that country.”

Hopkins, who is 51 years old, last fought in 2016. The former multi-division champion was beaten by the much younger Joe Smith Jr. in a KO loss.

When asked how a fighter knows when to hang up the gloves, the 56-year-old said he has to be loyal to himself since all boxers know when they’re done.

He emphasized, “When you’re done, you’re done.” “Usually, you have to be honest with yourself, and the individual knows themselves better than anyone else. More than anyone else! What you should be asking is, “What are you fighting for?” What exactly are you fighting for?”

On December 17, Pacquiao will turn 43 years old. Many people, including his long-time trainer Freddie Roach, believe that his unexpected loss to WBA welterweight champion Yordenis Ugas signaled the start of the end for the future Hall of Famer.

According to Pacquiao’s personal assistant, the world’s only eight-division champion isn’t finished yet and will return in “December” or “early January” of next year.

Despite his humiliating defeat, Pacquiao remains upbeat, claiming that Ugas was “one of the easiest” opponents he has ever faced.

In addition, he anticipates a probable rematch with the Cuban champion in January.

“[Yordenis] Ugas was one of the easiest opponents I’ve ever faced,” Pacquiao said. “[Ugas] only had one style, and you’ve seen how I’ve moved in previous fights, so I should’ve been able to quickly move away. In this conflict, I couldn’t move. My legs simply came to a halt.”

He continued, “I can come back in January.” “I’ll look into it. If I want to, I can rematch [Ugas].”


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