Manchester United Transfer Rumors: Insider Clarifies Paul Pogba Transfer Confusions


Manchester United Transfer Rumors: Insider Clarifies Paul Pogba Transfer Confusions

The truth regarding Paul Pogba’s transfer rumors may have finally come out.

Since Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola, revealed that he has been looking into possibilities outside of Manchester United, several reports have surfaced, with the majority stating that the Red Devils are still likely to keep him.

Some have even mentioned Juventus as a possible destination for Pogba, implying that he may make a spectacular return to Italy.

According to renowned transfer analyst Fabrizio Romano, neither a return to Juventus nor a contract extension with Manchester United are true, as the World Cup winner’s future remains uncertain.

On the “Here We Go” podcast, Romano recently stated, “Just to provide a clear message because Manchester United fans are asking about this [Pogba] situation.” “I believe [Mino] Raiola is being truthful on this issue because we heard speculations last week that Pogba was close to signing a new contract with United. This isn’t the case. It is currently unresolved. What is true is that Pogba enjoys his time at Man United; he enjoys the environment, and he like the way the club has been rebuilt, with Sancho, Varane, and, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo.”

“However, in terms of his contract, it hasn’t been finalized yet,” he continued. “It’s been on the table since July, and they’re talking to Pogba about it, but nothing has been decided yet. So, we’ll see what happens in the next days for Paul Pogba, but Man United will press for him to sign a new contract because they want him to stay. They’ll keep trying, as they have with Solskjaer, who has been personally involved for months, but nothing has been decided upon or done yet.”

“As a result, many clubs are waiting to see what Pogba will do since, if he becomes a free agent, it will be more than an opportunity.”

From the outside, Pogba appears to be enjoying his time with Manchester United this season, especially with Ronaldo boosting the club’s confidence.

Meanwhile, Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has hinted that he is counting on the club’s promising season to entice Pogba to stay.

When asked if Manchester United can persuade Pogba to stay, Solskjaer stated, “Well, it’s up to us now to produce results and to prove to ourselves that we can win championships.” “Everyone who joins Man United dreams of winning trophies. It’s the most to be a part of a successful Man United team. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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