Lucas Digne’s red card was hard, but Everton’s defense is really to blame.


It’s terrible to see something like that and it really hurts to take studs right at the back of the Achilles, it hurts.

I thought the red card from Lucas Digne this weekend was really hard.

The second part of our latest column from Michael Ball focuses on the red card Everton defender Lucas Digne received this weekend and why the blues could have avoided the whole situation

You are now watching games, and everything runs in slow motion. This makes everything look ten times worse.

Carlo Ancelotti’s opinion after the game was probably right. Maybe we were lucky after the Liverpool game that Jordan Pickford stayed on the field, but if that hadn’t been the case, would Digne have gotten a red straight?

But it was just a clash. He didn’t mean it, he was trying to stop his run.

But that’s where I hope Carlo Ancelotti can help us to stop asking about VAR decisions.

We have seen so many decisions in a crazy start of the season. The handball of Eric Dier for example. It was probably not handball, but if he had defended properly, there would be no question.

If we had defended correctly from the beginning and if he had been his husband’s right side, this question to the referee would not have been asked.

That kind of thing really frustrates me. We are talking about an incident that should not have happened.

We have to do it all over the field. We’re talking about these incidents, but if we had defended well, they wouldn’t have gotten far out or crosses would have been easy to get in.

These incidents add up. It’s all about the defense of the team. It’s not about parking the bus, it’s about defending cleverly and taking out the opponent. Prevent them from creating opportunities and make it difficult for them.

These small margins make a huge difference.

Then it doesn’t give the referee the opportunity to make these decisions. As soon as you take your foot off the gas, the gaps open up and that’s when the problems start.

Conversely, we would probably have asked for a red card.

Yes, it’s a collision, it’s sore and it’s hard that he got a red card for it. But, because we were not set up properly, we didn’t defend properly and got caught.

It’s disappointing to miss Digne for the next games because he’s a great player, but it’s now an opportunity for someone else to stand up to the plate.

It was tough, but we have to keep going and we can’t complain about it.


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