LeBron James urges Americans to vote for Joe Biden: “We need everything to change.


LeBron James has called on Americans at the last minute to participate in the November 3 presidential election and has reiterated his support for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The star of the Los Angeles Lakers has long been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump and has thrown his weight behind Biden and his runner-up Kamala Harris, the first black woman ever on the electoral list of a major party president.

With the “More Than A Vote” initiative, which he launched together with former First Lady Michelle Obama, James has been actively engaged in fighting misinformation directed at black voters and ensuring that black Americans are registered to vote before election day.

As millions of Americans prepared to go to the polls on November 3, James renewed his plea by posting a picture of Biden and Harris on his Facebook and Instagram profile.

“One more day. Please vote. We have to change everything, and everything starts tomorrow,” the four-time NBA champion wrote as the headline.

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One more day. Please ð³!! We have to change EVERYTHING, and everything starts tomorrow. ~? BidenHarris 1×10 ? MoreThanaVote ?

A contribution by LeBron James (@kingjames) on 2 November 2020 at 18:39 PST

In an interview with the New York Times last month, James said he wanted to use his platform to address the sense of disappointment in the black community, which he believed was due to years of misinformation.

“We believe that blacks, our community, have been pushed away from our civic duty,” said the four-time MVP of the NBA finals. “We have been fed misinformation for many years.

And I am in a position where I can educate people and through More Than a Vote I can educate people about the importance of this movement and the importance of their civic duty,” explained the four-time NBA MVP. Not only to empower themselves, but also to give something back to their community.

“This is something that is very close to our hearts – and it is something that is very close to my heart. I am happy and honored to have these athletes and these influencers and the people who want to get involved with me as well.

During his first term Trump repeatedly criticized James’ political stance and that of his professional colleagues who have publicly supported Biden.

The Republican incumbent had previously claimed that the NBA final ratings suffered because people had “zero interest” in watching a sport whose many stars embraced political activism.

The president rolled out the familiar chorus at a rally in Avoca, Pennsylvania, on Monday.

“How about LeBron,” Trump asked the crowd.

“I felt sorry for LeBron. I had a very bad conscience. NBA final ratings were down 71 percent […] I didn’t see a single shot. I got bored. Forward, backward, forward, backward, forward. And you know why? If they don’t respect our country, if they don’t respect our flag, nobody wants to watch. No one.”

Trump’s speech was interrupted by his supporters chanting “LeBron James sucks!”, causing the president to marvel at the reaction of those present.

“What a crowd,” he said.

Pennsylvania, like James’ home state of Ohio, is one of the critical swing states that Trump and Biden want to secure on November 3.

According to FiveThirtyEight’s average of the polls in the presidential election, Biden led Trump by 4.7 points in Pennsylvania, while the president was 0.8 points ahead in Ohio.


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