Kylian Mbappe boost and other Liverpool transfer rumors evaluated.


Today’s rumors include that the Reds are being told who should sign in place of Virgil van Dijk and that they are being given a boost in their alleged persecution of Kylian Mbappe.

Liverpool cannot sign anyone else until January, but that does not mean that the rumours and gossip columns will stop associating players with the Reds.

Here we bring you a summary of all the latest transfer rumors from Liverpool and evaluate them for you.

Dayot Upamecano from RB Leipzig.

Who? – Dayot Upamecano.

In this sense, here are your Liverpool transfer rumors that were reviewed on Tuesday, October 20.


In his speech at Sky Sports on Monday evening, Jamie Carragher believes that Liverpool must give priority to finding a major central defender contract because of Virgil van Dijk’s injury.

When the former Reds defender analysed how Liverpool would cope without Van Dijk, the former Reds defender then mentioned Upamecano as a possible commitment in the January window.

What was that?

he said: “The next big contract signing in Liverpool, and I’m talking about next summer, had to be as a central defender anyway.

“There was no doubt that Liverpool had to make it big on the transfer market next summer, that was next.

“Dejan Lovren left, they didn’t replace him in the squad, they only have three central defenders, and one of them, (Joel) Matip, is always injured, and there were question marks about (Joe) Gomez.

“This must be brought forward to January 1 – not to the end of January, not to negotiations with the club.

“He’s not the profile of Van Dijk, I think he’s only 5’6”, so maybe he doesn’t have this challenge from the air, but if it’s the one that Liverpool wanted next summer, then it should be brought forward, pay extra money and do it on January 1st.

“There’s a young guy everyone’s talking about, (Dayot) Upamecano, who’s in Leipzig, there are rumors about him.

Kylian Mbappe from Paris St-Germain.

And where?

Where? Who?


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