‘Keep that phone out of his hands,’ James Milner says of Liverpool’s Harvey Elliott injury.


‘Keep that phone out of his hands,’ James Milner says of Liverpool’s Harvey Elliott injury.

James Milner is the appropriate mentor for Curtis Jones and Harvey Elliott as they progress through the early phases of their Liverpool careers.

When he made his Premier League debut for Leeds at the age of 16, the Reds vice-captain became the league’s youngest player. He has spent nearly 20 years in the top division.

Milner, who now plays in a senior role for the team, has had to contend with new competition in midfield in recent years, thanks to the emergence of both Jones and Elliott.

Though he has been happy to offer guidance to his younger teammates and has explained the role of Liverpool’s senior players in guiding the club’s newcomers.

“We’re all aware of how harsh football can be. When questioned about mentoring Curtis Jones, Milner said liverpoolfc.com, “You need so much luck, you need that mental side and that mental strength to deal with ups and downs.”

“That’s where us as older, experienced players have to come in and maybe take some of the burden off their shoulders and make it a little easier for them, and maybe keep that harder side away from them when things go wrong.”

“But you also need to give them that encouragement and let him know when they’re doing well, and hopefully just give them that advice to go play football.

“Because the ability these young men possess is just astounding.” Then all you need is that mentality to go with it.” Football, as the former England international pointed out, can be full of highs and lows, and Harvey Elliott has experienced both this season.

After making his league debut against Burnley in August, the 18-year-old started three games in a row under Jurgen Klopp before suffering a dislocated ankle.

Elliott has been commended for how he handled the setback, and Milner provided some insight into how the teenager has behaved on the training ground and the nature of his recuperation.

“He’s amazing.” He’s got a terrific attitude, he’s completed all of his tasks, and he’s making great progress. “I think we’re not far away from getting rid of the crutches, which is amazing,” he remarked.

“From the beginning, he’s been so upbeat.”

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