Jurgen Klopp responds to the “disrespect” in the selection of the Liverpool team in the Champions League.


A goal from Diogo Jota and a penalty from substitute Mohamed Salah in injury time on Tuesday in Anfield gave the Reds a hard-fought 2-0 victory and put them two points clear of the top of Group D.

Jurgen Klopp rejected the suggestion that he was dissatisfied with the actions of FC Midtjylland when he welcomed Liverpool’s “battle” for the Champions League victory.

Liverpool defeated Midtjylland 2-0 last night in the Champions League battle at Anfield

Klopp was particularly annoyed by a late challenge from Jens-Lys Cajuste to Jordan Henderson, which led to an exchange of words with visiting boss Brian Priske.

Midtjylland proved to be a physical opponent, especially in the first half, when they took three bookings.

“I am obsessed with the organization, and how they brought the game to life and caused us problems, I get all my respect for that.

But the head of the Reds had nothing but praise for the Danish team when he was asked if he was less than satisfied with some of their tactics.

“No, not at all,” Klopp said. “What Midtjylland did tonight was absolutely brilliant. I loved it.

“Maybe my colleague was already celebrating the situation (of the pressure from Midtjylland) and didn’t see that it was a foul. There was nothing else.

“In this situation (the attack on Henderson) it was discussed at that moment that it was a foul.

“I think Midtjylland wanted to prove a point tonight and they did. They were a really uncomfortable opponent.”

“They weren’t overdoing it, they were tough, that’s the way football is. It was just a foul (on Henderson) and that’s why I said what I said. Nothing that would worry anyone.

Klopp also defended himself against the accusation that Midtjylland had changed his starting formation four times, among other things by putting the established first three players on the bench.

“The lineup we chose should show the respect we have for them, because we urgently needed new legs. We needed every new stage we could reach with the five possible substitutions.

“If you were to observe Liverpool and our situation, you would know that this was not a sign of disrespect for Midtjylland,” he said.

“As for the individual performances, Div hadn’t played for a while and was absolutely fine, Shaq played 90 minutes absolutely unbelievably well, and Taki was very lively but wasn’t exactly in the game.

And about the game Klopp added: “It was really tricky, they were pushing like crazy and made a hectic game out of it, and we couldn’t calm it down in crucial moments…


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