Jurgen Klopp and Sean Cox meet again in an emotional conversation, while the Liverpool boss makes promises.


The father of three had travelled from his home in Ireland in May 2018 to the semi-finals of the Reds’ Champions League against AS Roma.

Jurgen Klopp has promised that Liverpool will continue to do everything in its power to help Sean Cox and his family.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and Reds fan Sean Cox experience an emotional moment in the Today FM interview

The 53-year-old from Dunboyne, Co Meath was in a coma with brain injuries, so he had to learn to speak and move again.

Shortly before the game, however, Mr. Cox was unprovokedly brutally attacked by Italian fans on Walton Breck Road in front of his head.

“We [in Liverpool]all feel responsible for what will happen from now on and that we are all trying to help as much as we can,” said the German when he joined the Cox family for an interview with the Irish broadcaster Today FM.

After months of gruelling rehabilitation, first at Liverpool’s Walton Centre and then in specialist centers in Ireland, Mr Cox returned to his final home in March.

The Reds have supported the Cox family since the day of the attack, and Klopp has vowed to continue to do so, claiming that the club “can always find a way” to help them.

“We still feel that, it’s like friendship, it’s like family, it’s like we really have to do these things because we want to do these things.

“And by the way, for you, Sean and Martina, it’s still the same – I hope you know that. Whatever you need, and if no authority in this country or in your country can help, I think we can always find a way where we can maybe make things easier.

“This is the moment when the club has to show real unity, because it’s not about who is responsible, it’s about who helps after what has happened.

“But very important is that this doesn’t stop, as long as this club exists, these things must happen exactly the same way”.

“I’m really happy, but it’s much more important that Martina, Sean and the family are hopefully happy about how the club has handled this.

Klopp joined Sean’s wife Martina to celebrate the publication of her book “With Hope in My Heart: The Story of Seán Cox”.

Mrs. Cox was celebrated for her strength throughout the recovery process, and Klopp, who wrote the preface for the book, recognized the courage and leadership she showed.

“Yes, you may not get the big trophies, but that’s not so important with this kind of leader. Family is the most important thing, and I love that part of life.

“Martina knows 100% that the family is really proud of her and of what she is doing there and she is a real role model for me and I am really happy that we met and that I could be a small part of this story and I hope you know what an incredible job you are doing.

he said: “I’m 53 years old, I’ve known for as long as I can remember that my mother was the best leader ever. It has always been clear that women are much better leaders than men can ever be….


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