Julio Jones to Aaron Rodgers Brady to Moss, Montana to Rice could be a better matchup.


Julio Jones to Aaron Rodgers Brady to Moss, Montana to Rice could be a better matchup.

Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback, has already stated his desire to leave the team. And wide receiver Julio Jones made it clear on Monday that he wants out of Atlanta. There must be a few NFL general managers saying to themselves, “Let’s combine Rodgers and Jones in our offense.”

Rodgers has never had a quarterback as good as Jones, and Jones has never had a receiver as good as Rodgers. Sure, they had some excellent opponents, but none were as strong as each other.

Even if they only played in the same offense for one season, they might set single-season records and propel a team into contention for the Super Bowl the following season.

What’s the safest place for them to land? Green Bay, which advanced to the NFC Championship game last year in the pleasant confines of Lambeau Field in Green Bay, is the short response. The Packers were defeated by the Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who went on to win Super Bowl LV in Tampa against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Even after ten years with the Falcons, Julio Jones will be the best receiver Rodgers has ever had in his arsenal. Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams, James Jones, and Randall Cobb are all better than him. And, as good as Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan has been in his career, Rodgers is always superior in every way.

Jones is desperate to win a title right now. He last won a title following the 2009 college season when he and the Alabama Crimson Tide won the national championship.

During The Undisputed talk show on FS1, co-host Shannon Sharpe called Jones and asked the receiver about his situation in Atlanta.

“I’m outta there,” Jones said. “Right now I want to win.”

As Jones wants out of Atlanta, Rodgers has stated he wants out of Green Bay. Rodgers has been unhappy since the Packers moved up in the 2020 NFL Draft to select Jordan Love in the first round. How did Rodgers respond? He won the league’s MVP award for a third time in 2020.

A Rodgers-Julio duo in Green Bay could be the best single-season combo of quarterback and wide receiver if they linked up for at least just one season. They could be more. This is a brief summary.


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