Josh Hart calls Donald Trump a racist.


The star of the New Orleans Pelicans, Josh Hart, has called President Donald Trump “racist,” suggesting that the level of support he received in the elections speaks volumes for America’s social issues.

Trump started the election day with an average of more than eight points behind Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in nationwide polls.

However, the race for the White House proved to be much closer than expected. So far, Biden has received 227 of the votes of the electoral college required for election to the presidency, Trump 213.

At the time of writing, Biden has a razor-thin lead in several key states, including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona, but the outcome of the election is not yet fully known.

“The fact that people are really voting to keep this racist in power shows you how this country really feels behind closed doors,” Hart wrote on Twitter.

The fact that people are really voting for this racist to stay in power shows you how this country really feels behind closed doors,” Hart wrote on Twitter.

– Josh Hart (@joshhart) November 4, 2020

Earlier, the 2016 NCAA champion had urged voters to ensure that Trump would not win a second term. “We need this guy out of office,” he tweeted.

Hart found support in NBA circles, with Stan Van Gundy and Dwyane Wade both returning his feelings.

“Absolutely right,” tweeted Van Gundy, who was recently named head coach of the Pelicans, in response.

“But to be honest, many people don’t even keep it behind closed doors.”

Wade tweeted back to Van Gundy, suggesting that racism had become more apparent in the U.S. since Trump was elected four years ago.

“Especially not since Trump 45 [Trump is the 45th U.S. president] has been in office,” the three-time NBA champion tweeted.

Especially not since has been in office since 45,” the three-time NBA champion tweeted.

– DWade (@DwyaneWade) November 4, 2020

WNBA star Natasha Cloud also called out what she felt was the country’s distorted moral compass.

Forreal is not about politics, but about your moral compass as a human being, and I am so concerned about many of your compasses.

– Natasha Cloud (@T_Cloud4) November 4, 2020

Pa. I’m gonna fight every one of your racist asses.

– Natasha Cloud (@T_Cloud4) November 4, 2020

Over the last four years, Trump has been repeatedly criticized by his opponents for his rhetoric.

The president was an outspoken critic of NFL, NBA and MLB players who knelt down during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racism, suggesting that they all did not respect the flag.

He also implied earlier that the NBA’s support for the Black Lives Matter movement had reached television ratings and that the NFL would risk similar consequences.

Conversely, however, he has refused to condemn far-right groups such as the “Proud Boys. Nor did he immediately denounce Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who killed two people when he opened fire on protesters demanding justice after the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Trump, however, can count a number of former black athletes among his supporters.

Former NFL players Herschel Walker and Jack Brewer have both repeatedly denied allegations of racism against the President, who was also supported by former New York Yankees and Mets batter Darryl Strawberry.

On election day, Walker criticized Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) for saying she would “never forgive black Americans who voted for the president.

“She has been in office for a long, long time. Have you seen her pass laws for social justice? Did you see her pass anything to make something equal? I don’t want to hear them [the Democrats]blame anyone else,” he said during an appearance on election day at Varney & Co. of FOX Business.

“Now she’s upset that people are starting to educate themselves and see policies that suit them. […] So don’t come to me with this rhetoric now”.


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