Jordan Henderson and Divock Origi stand out in Liverpool’s triumph over Milan.


Jordan Henderson and Divock Origi stand out in Liverpool’s triumph over Milan.

For the two Milan goals before the interval, he was completely exposed. Because of Liverpool’s overwhelming domination, he seldom touched the ball with his hands.

Raided on the right flank on a regular basis, and one forward drive ended in Tomori’s own goal, although both Milan goals came from his side.

For the most part, he was composed, but he missed a pass that allowed Milan to score their second goal. After the intermission, it’s solid.

On his first start since November, he looked nervous and was pushed out of position for both Milan goals in the first half. In the second half, he was given the opportunity to reclaim his confidence.

With his excellent sprinting, he helped give Milan right-back Calabria a hard time for long periods of time. When it was needed, he brought some fire.

Before partaking in the collective wobble before the half, he did a decent job of repelling Milan advances and helped push the visitors back.

Set the tempo in midfield, with Liverpool in control for long stretches, then thundered in a superb winner. It’s all quite impressive.

On his return to the starting lineup, he pressed hard and used the ball deftly. Attempting to force Milan into a defensive posture while maintaining control of the ball. Subbed.

Despite a strong start and an assist for the opening, he appeared to be bothered by his penalty miss and appeared to be trying too hard. After the break, he settled down and handled the leveller admirably.

Although he didn’t quite connect with an early chance, he was proactive in leading the line, worked hard, and provided a superb assist for Salah’s equalizer. Substitution was necessary due to an injury.

Despite some strong runs, there is more potential than end product. When Origi left, the balance shifted down the middle. Subbed.

Instantly became a part of the offensive effort, but was baffled by some decisions.

For the polished Spaniard, it was a welcome change of pace, and he jumped right in.

The youngster’s first action of the season, and he’s eager to make a mark, curling one effort wide.


It’s been long enough for a Dietmar Hamann homage to be booked.


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