Jake Paul trades verbal jabs with the Fury family in order to spice up the ring showdown.


Jake Paul trades verbal jabs with the Fury family in order to spice up the ring showdown.

When Jake Paul fights Tommy Fury on December 18, he will be put to the test once more.

A virtual press conference between Paul and Tommy was held recently, with the 24-year-old attending from the luxury of his pool in Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, Tommy was at the event with his father John, who handled the majority of the talking and made a dig at Paul’s attire.

The Fury clan’s patriarch also demanded that Paul remove his sunglasses, but the internet sensation refused and went on a rant of his own.

However, Tommy and his older brother Tyson Fury could be seen laughing it off throughout the verbal exchanges, implying that the whole event was planned.

Tyson, the WBC and The Ring heavyweight champion, also spoke about the fight and appeared to be in good spirits.

However, it was the portion where Tyson made a bold prediction that Paul would take a horrific thrashing in the ring that irritated the YouTuber.

In response, Paul began to boast about his achievements, emphasizing how much more money he gained in boxing this year and mentioning how Fury praised him a few months before.

Fury told it like it was, emphasizing that his remarks were made three months ago.

The heavyweight champion now considers Paul to be a “wanker.”

Regardless, Paul tried to earn Tyson’s wrath by praising him for his assistance in promoting the bout. But it didn’t come with another verbal jab, this time threatening to steal the heavyweight champion’s supporters.

“Thank you so much, Tyson. I’m going to take all of your followers. I’m going to knock out your brother and go on my way. Another payday has arrived. “It’s just another speed bump on the route to become a world champion,” Paul said, according to Boxing Scene.

Paul went on to declare that Tommy would be a much easier battle than Tyron Woodley, and he promised to knock out the Britishman on December 18.


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