In the midst of COVID outbreaks in Tokyo, an Olympic athlete claims that her team only gets 10 minutes to eat.


In the midst of COVID outbreaks in Tokyo, an Olympic athlete claims that her team only gets 10 minutes to eat.

In the midst of a flurry of scandals surrounding the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, an Australian athlete has claimed that she and her teammates only get 10 minutes to eat their meals inside the dining halls.

Tilly Kearns, an Australian water polo player, described a typical lunch ritual she and her teammates follow when in Tokyo. The video has been viewed over 4.8 million times and liked by nearly 1 million people since it was posted to her verified TikTok account on Tuesday.

“This is how we keep COVID safe in the Olympic dining hall,” Kearns explains as she grabs some hand sanitizer before going inside.

“Before we touch anything, we sterilize [our hands]and put these gloves on,” she explains. “Let’s go grab one of these trays,” says the group. Each tray has been cleaned and rinsed separately.”

Kearns then turns to a panoramic image of the dining hall’s basement floor, where players, cafeteria staff, and other employees walk about “clearly [with]our masks on.”

She next shows a film of a typical dining table where her crew eats, with plexiglass separating separate seats. “There are disinfectant wipes in every small cubicle,” she explains, “so we wipe off anything we’re going to touch.” “Everything: the screen, the edges [of the table], the chair.

“It makes mealtime talks tough since it’s difficult to hear through them,” she said, “but it keeps us safe.”

Kearns, on the other hand, surprises her millions of viewers when she discloses that she and her squad have only 10 minutes to finish their meals. “Once the mask is removed, we have a team rule that you only have 10 minutes to eat to decrease COVID exposure,” she says.

After a quick lunch, Kearns and her crew wear their masks again, clean up their lunch stations, and “sanitize [their hands]again on the way out.”


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Despite the fact that it is not a universally mandated process for all Olympians, she and her. This is a condensed version of the information.


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