In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, Everton’s desire to resist racism became even stronger.


In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, Everton’s desire to resist racism became even stronger.

It was a magnificent coincidence that a rainbow arched over Goodison just before kick-off, as the players lined up facing a mostly empty stand.

It had become a symbol that a country clung to in the face of adversity. The rainbow was the symbol for NHS employees around the country who were helping to save lives as the virus spread.

Although football was ready to return to the city, life was far from usual.

It had changed, and it was changing every day, as Covid-19 had flipped all we thought we knew upside down. The country was forced to reconsider its priorities, but it was also compelled to unite behind a shared objective.

However, something else occurred that caused many people in our country to take stock, contemplate, and rally behind a cause. One that had been fueled by assassination.

Referee Mike Dean blows his whistle to signal the start of the 236th Merseyside derby as the Everton team and Liverpool players went into position ahead of the game.

Not to kick off the game and reintroduce football to the country, albeit through their television screens as the game was played behind closed doors, but to take a knee.

George Floyd, a 46-year-old man from Minneapolis, died in a car accident, sending shockwaves around the world.

Everton’s players were united in their grief following the events of May 25, 2020, and many took to social media to share their sadness and astonishment.

By the time football returned, the black lives matter movement had emerged, calling for an end to police brutality like that which killed George Floyd, as well as any other form of racially motivated violence against black people.

On June 19, the names of Everton and Liverpool players were substituted on the backs of their shirts with the phrase “black lives matter,” and they, and. The summary comes to a close.


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