Hidilyn Diaz’s Gold Medal Prize Money: $656,000 for the Philippine Olympian


Hidilyn Diaz’s Gold Medal Prize Money: $656,000 for the Philippine Olympian

Hidilyn Diaz is a Filipino weightlifter who recently won the country’s first gold medal in Olympic history. During the women’s 55kg division competition on July 26, the 30-year-old competitor set two Olympic records.

The Olympian would get a total of $656,000 from the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and private donations as a result of her victory. According to Rappler, the PSC’s incentive system, RA 10699, awards gold medalists a payout of roughly $198,600.

Manny Pangilinan and Ramon Ang, two Philippine businessmen, each donated $198,600, and Mikee Romero, the country’s Deputy Speaker of the House, donated $59,500 to Diaz’s award fund.

The overall award for a Philippine Olympian winning a silver medal is $337,600, according to the site, while a bronze medal is worth $139,000.

Diaz started with a 97kg snatch and then added a 124kg secondary lift to increase her total to 221kg. According to NBC New York, the Philippine athlete finished with a 126kg clean and jerk on her third attempt, bringing her official total to 224kg. Diaz is competing in his fourth Olympic Games, this time in Tokyo. Her previous race resulted in a silver medal in 2016.

The Philippine weightlifter broke an Olympic record with a 224kg total, beating China’s Liao Qiuyun by 1kg. When Diaz finished her final lift and heard the buzzer, she dropped the weight and sobbed as her teammates raced over to embrace her, according to Yahoo Sports.

For the first time since the Asian country began competing in 1924, the Philippine national song was performed at the Olympic Games in honor of Diaz’s historic victory. According to Fox News, the gold winner saluted in front of her country’s flag while the national anthem, “Lupang Hinirang,” played in the background during the awarding ceremony.

The $650,000 award for the Asian weightlifter is one of the greatest in the world for a gold medal. According to a 2018 CNBC report, different countries offer differing amounts, with Singapore topping the list with $1 million for a gold medal, $500,000 for a silver medal, and $250,000 for a bronze medal.


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