Golf Destinations in the United States with the Most Courses Per Capita


Golf Destinations in the United States with the Most Courses Per Capita

Despite the coronavirus pandemic shutting down most of the planet in 2020, some businesses managed to not only survive but prosper. Golf was one of those who benefited the most, as 2020 breathed new life into the sport.

According to a National Golf Foundation report monitoring the impact of the coronavirus on the industry, golfers in the United States logged 14 percent — or 60 million — more rounds in 2020 than in 2019. Due to scheduling flexibility as more people worked remotely, skipped regular commutes, and found outdoor activities close to home, weekday play in particular, and late-afternoon course use in particular, saw a huge increase in 2020. Nine-hole games also grew in popularity as casual golf grew in popularity.

Curated compiled a list of the ten golf destinations with the most courses per capita using data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The metros are classified based on the number of golf courses and country club establishments per 100,000 inhabitants. An establishment must be mainly in the business of operating a golf course (except for miniature golf) or operating a golf course in addition to dining and recreational facilities to be included on this list (country clubs).

Continue reading to learn where you can get the best access to your favorite courses in the country, the unique terrain that lends itself to world-class golf, and what makes those clubs special.

St. Cloud, Minnesota

Per 100,000 inhabitants, there are 7.9 golf courses and country club establishments.

16 establishments are located in the metro.

201,964 people live in the metro area.

Within 20 miles of St. Cloud, there are 16 golf courses, all but one of which are open to the public, making it a very golf-friendly town. The weather is the biggest drawback: warm temperatures are scarce and harsh winters are common, making nearly half of the year off-limits. During peak season, however, it offers some of the region’s best golf. Territory Golf Club (formerly The Fairways) is a special layout of forest-lined and links-style holes with difficult pin placements and elevation in St. Cloud. This is a condensed version of the information.


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