Gini Wijnaldum gets angry, the fans send a powerful message and more missed Liverpool moments.


After Sander Berge gave the guests an early lead from the penalty spot, the Reds responded with goals from Roberto Firmino and Diogo Jota.

Liverpool were level on points with Everton at the top of the Premier League, winning 2-1 against Sheffield United on Saturday.

A look at some of the missed moments after Liverpool’s 2-1 win over Sheffield United

What you may have missed was a series of interesting subplots on an evening that is likely to be remembered for events off the field.

But of course you knew all that.

The three points brought the champion to 13 points from the previous six games and to the level of the summit with Carlo Ancelotti’s Blues.

Originally the supporters had been told that they could return to Anfield for this game, and the stadium doors were to open again so that about 12,500 could get back in.

Given the ongoing boycott of the Premier League pay-per-view service, it is possible that Reds fans may have missed every moment of this game.

However, these plans were put on hold when coronavirus rates rose sharply in Merseyside.

So while every fan was made to watch it from behind the TV screen, the depth of feeling about the controversial £14.95 plans meant that hardly anyone got involved.

By Sunday morning over £100,000 had been collected. An incredible effort by all concerned.

Instead of paying the amount to watch the game, fans were asked to donate the fee or whatever could be saved to the local food bank.

The powerful message was delivered loud and clear.

It takes a lot to upset Gini Wijnaldum, one might think.

So whatever made him angry in the middle of the first half must have been really something special.

As the Liverpool midfielder struggled for possession, the ball finally went out for a throw close to the manager.

Wijnaldum’s bright smile, generally considered one of the most sociable and cheerful characters in the Liverpool squad, rarely leaves his face.


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