Every NFL record Tom Brady is still hunting.


Tom Brady made NFL history once again on Sunday, overtaking Drew Brees at the top of the leaderboard of all time for passing touchdowns. Brady threw 369 yards and four touchdowns in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 45-20 victory over the Raiders in Las Vegas, bringing his total of regular touchdown passes for the season to 559 and giving him a 558 lead over Bree’s record.

The latter surpassed Peyton Manning’s NFL record of 539 touchdown passes last season and scored 11 touchdowns in six games this season, with the youngest pair scoring in the New Orleans Saints’ 27-24 win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday afternoon.

With four touchdown passes in defeating the Raiders, Brady brought his season’s total to 18, the second-highest number in the NFL behind the Seattle Seahawks’ only quarterback, Russell Wilson, who has scored 22 touchdowns so far this season.

Brady has rewritten the NFL history books several times during his two-decade career, during which he scored six Super Bowl rings in a record nine Super Bowl appearances. No one has racked up more regular season wins as an entry-level quarterback than Brady’s 224, while his 17 division titles, 41 play-off starts and 30 post-season victories are also in a league of their own.

With 18 and 2,838 respectively, the 42-year-old also holds the record for passing yards and passing touchdowns thrown in a Super Bowl, and no other quarterback in the game’s history has thrown more yards or touchdown passes in the regular season and playoffs combined than Brady.

However, there are several other milestones in the veteran quarterback’s reach. Here’s an overview of some of the other records that Brady is still striving for.

Passing Yards

With 76,481 yards Brady is second in the all time list behind Brees, who set an NFL record of 79,034 yards. So far this season, Brady has averaged 272.8 yards in seven games this season, while Brees has averaged 269.6 yards in his first six games. If both players maintain their respective trends, Brady would add another 2,455 yards this season, while Brees would add another 2,696 yards, extending his lead.

Throughout his career, Brady has averaged 3,641 yards per season, which means he would have to play more than Brees for an entire season to catch up with the Saints veteran. The scenario is far from far-fetched, as the latter has openly discussed his resignation and has already signed a contract with NBC to swap the field for the commentator’s booth once he has hung up his cleats, while Brady has repeatedly expressed his desire to play until the age of 45.

Completed passes

As with the Passing Yards, Brady, with 6,533 completed passes in the regular season behind Brees, is behind the Saints quarterback’s 7,021 passes in this particular metric. Brady has completed 22 more passes this season than Brees, but is unlikely to be able to bridge this particular gap unless he extends his career by at least one season after Brees’ retirement.

Games with at least 300 passes

By passing 369 yards against the Raiders, Brady moved up to second place on the NFL all-time list in most games with at least 300 passing yards, one ahead of Manning and only behind Brees’ record of 122. Even if Brady were to survive the Saints’ quarterback, it seems unlikely that he could overcome Brees in this particular ratio.

Games started

With 290 starts, Brady is behind former Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre and seven-time all-pro offensive lineman Bruce Matthews on most starts in NFL history. However, Brady could claim the record if he plays all nine of the Bucs’ remaining regular season games.

Passer rating

With a passer-by rating of 97.1, Brady ranks fifth in the list of all time behind Aaron Rodgers, Wilson, Brees and Dak Prescott. So far this season, however, Brady has received an average of 102.7 passer ratings, the highest since he graduated in the 2017 season with 102.8.

Comebacks in the fourth quarter

Throughout his career, Brady has built a reputation for technical comebacks almost at will, but he needs seven more to beat Manning’s record of 43 comebacks in the fourth quarter. The Bucs’ only comeback to date in the fourth quarter of the season was a 38-31 win over the Los Angeles Chargers in week 4.

With this throw to Tyler Johnson, TomBrady takes the lead in the TDs’ passing game! #GoBucs

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