Everton’s creative headache is revealed as Carlo Ancelotti’s team faces a true Newcastle test.


The blues was pretty lifeless and dull when it came up against Southampton last weekend. It noticeably lacked the usual élan and creativity that had blessed their earlier games.

Everton’s offensive headaches became a little more painful this weekend.

Everton’s manager Carlo Ancelotti will be without some of his most creative players this weekend as his team travels to the Northeast to play Newcastle United

Carlo Ancelotti’s team has already switched sides this season with a mixture of patient build-up and sharp passing almost at will. You only have to look at Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s goal record to see the immediate benefits.

One of the Evertonians’ biggest challenges this week for their team is to recapture the style of play that knocked them out before the international break and helped them fight back twice in the Merseyside derby.

Richarlison’s highly influential exit from the team certainly didn’t help in this regard, but Everton was missing from the entire field.

The Colombian international has brought a flair and presence to Goodison Park since his move from Real Madrid this summer and is a real thorn in the side of the Premier League.

But one of the key players behind the style is James Rodriguez, and Everton will not be able to draw on him against Newcastle.

Even in a game in which Everton generally fought Southampton in creative terms and as a team only made four key passes, Rodriguez got half of them.

He has the most assists in the Blues League so far in 2020/21, and with his three passes he is even the third strongest player in the current campaign.

There is little doubt that he played a central role in the shape of the club at the beginning of the campaign, and to miss his influence for the first time in a league game is a real test.

As mentioned earlier, the fact that Richarlison was not represented in the South Coast squad after his red card against Liverpool last weekend was evident in Everton’s performance.

On the other side, the Blues have still not found a solution to another problem the team is facing.

However, they will have to find a solution for their trip to the other end of the country. These are two of Everton’s enormously effective front three that are missing.

Replacing his influence in the team would be a difficult task for the vast majority of players in the Premier League, and one that the Blues certainly had to contend with on the south coast.

Fortunately, his suspension was eventually reduced to just one game, as his qualities at both ends of the pitch were crucial to Ancelotti’s side.

Rodriguez, Richarlison and Digne are the three Everton players who have had the most assists in the 2020/21 Premier League, with the latter pair having two each.

And let’s not forget the creative influence of Lucas Digne, who, after receiving a red card last time out, is banned from playing Newcastle.


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