Everton supporters have long understood what England is only now learning about Jordan Pickford.


Everton supporters have long understood what England is only now learning about Jordan Pickford.

Jordan Pickford is a goalkeeper. Finalist in the Euro 2020 competition. On the verge of being hailed as a national hero.

Even Everton fans would have questioned if their guy would have made it to this point a few months ago since his game was still littered with errors.

Some, somewhat obtusely, have never been able to see past the cliche of an unpredictable goalie who lacks the concentration required to lead his team to victory.

Pickford, on the other hand, has been the polar opposite of that for several months and absolutely deserves to be in his current position.

Not only has the Everton midfielder started every match for England during their incredible journey to the Euro 2020 final, but he’s also been instrumental in them only surrendering one goal throughout that time.

Although his performance in the semi-final was not his finest, with the pressure showing in the first half, some of the reactions he received from experts and fans alike in the aftermath revealed the underlying sentiment that still exists.

Some people reacted as if Pickford had just cost the Three Lions their spot in the final, rather than making a series of excellent saves over the last month that have helped them get to this point.

The majority of Everton supporters hold a totally different viewpoint.

Observing the 27-year-old on a weekly basis has given Blues a unique perspective on how much he has evolved since the turn of the year.

Evertonians were still asking concerns about the England international at the start of the season, especially with the signing of Robin Olsen at Goodison Park.

This came after a few of seasons in which the goalkeeper’s game had been marred by high-profile errors.

Some questioned his attitude in light of his reaction to some of these unforced blunders, while others wondered if he was truly the long-term solution that many hoped for.

Some speculated that when Pickford was rotated for the first time by Carlo Ancelotti, sitting on the bench for the trip to Newcastle in early November, it was the beginning of the end for him on Merseyside.

The summary comes to a close.


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