Everton Judgment – The derby drama must not hide the true story of the draw against Liverpool


Everton deservedly remains at the top of the Premier League table, and this team doesn’t know when it will be be beaten.

Don’t let the noise surrounding the aftermath of this game distract you from remembering two key points.

Phil Kirkbride gives his Everton verdict after the 2-2 draw with Liverpool in the Premier League

Maybe now they also understand how it feels to be on the wrong side of the goddess of luck in these games as well.

But maybe when the dust settles on this dramatic and vibrant derby, the Reds will be able to look directly over them in the standings and realize that they’re no longer dealing with the kind of Everton team they’ve become accustomed to in recent years.

Yes, of course, those in Stanley Park never tire of telling you that Liverpool would have celebrated another victory in this game if the video referee assistant hadn’t seen an offside that no one else has seen or probably ever could have seen.

And even if that hadn’t been the case, even with only minutes left, even with one man down, 3-2 down with little time left, Everton could not be written off. With the time gap they had a mountain to climb, but it’s not right that they missed their chances. No, not this lot.

Liverpool took an early lead where other Blues teams would have collapsed, this one shot back. They took the lead again after just 13 minutes of a close game, but Everton reacted again.

Richarlison was sent off the field in the final minute to leave his teammates one man down. Liverpool made capital out of it and thought they had won the game, but then the VAR intervened.

This is not something you can do with this team at the moment. Even with 10 men, one cannot ignore the spirit that clearly binds this group of players.

Liverpool has built a legacy based on such thinking. It is time for Everton to borrow something from it.

So far this season in the league, Everton has always reacted when he conceded an equalizer or dropped back.

It’s been said on these pages before, most recently in the hours after the Brighton win, but it’s worth repeating and adding to this adrenaline-fuelled derby.

The longest time they have taken to react during this term was 22 minutes against West Brom. At Crystal Palace they were only 16 minutes behind, Brighton restored parity for less than half that time, then, today, Everton was 16 minutes behind, and finally only nine when Dominic Calvert-Lewin did what all good strikers do.

Too bad Gwladys Street wasn’t fully occupied to see his header find the bottom corner. Imagine what a great picture that would have made.

Five league games have already been played and the Italian still has to think about it, but so far there are signs that this group of players will endure any setback in their run.

The jumpy form of Jordan Pickford, who looks like a burden one moment and is world class the next, is more likely to be a cause for concern, even though he denied such feelings in hindsight.

The bubble that Ancelotti spoke of has not yet burst. He admits that it will have to burst at some point and almost did today, but he won’t be interested in how it happens, but how his players react to such a situation.


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