Everton is in danger. As Liverpool’s situation changes, Carlo Ancelotti reunites with Rafa Benitez.


Everton is in danger. As Liverpool’s situation changes, Carlo Ancelotti reunites with Rafa Benitez.

Everton is in jeopardy. Carlo Ancelotti reunites with Rafa Benitez as Liverpool’s scenario changes.

Rafael Benitez, manager of Everton and Liverpool at the same time? This would be a game-changer.

According to the ECHO, Benitez has been discussed at board level at Goodison Park, but no contact has been made at this moment.

So, what if Farhad Moshiri demands that the Spaniard be assigned to Goodison Park?

Would his ties to Liverpool, with whom he won the Champions League in 2005, be a deterrent?

That is no longer the case. Even if Benitez was forced to defend his “small club” remarks after a Merseyside derby in 2007, Everton have bigger problems with him.

It’s not that he’s a jerk of a boss. It’s impossible to overlook a La Liga title, a Champions League title, and two Europa League titles. Not in the least.

Valencia catapulted him into prominence with a La Liga and Europa League double, and Benitez is a Liverpool legend just for Istanbul. He is also remembered fondly at Newcastle United during his three-year stint at St. James’ Park.

His brief stint at Chelsea also demonstrates that he is capable of operating under duress. Benitez arrived in November 2012 to almost total opposition from a fan-base who despised his Liverpool connection.

A third-place finish and Europa League title eventually ensured he left on neutral – if not positive – terms.

But there have been well-documented and high-profile dismissals and exits.

Inter Milan and Real Madrid lasted 25 games each and even a Coppa Italia at Napoli was marred by the failure to qualify for the Champions League in both of his campaigns before he resigned.

There are several crossovers with former Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti too.

Benitez directly replaced Ancelotti at the Bernabeu and both have taken charge at Chelsea and Napoli.

Both have lifted Champions League and La Liga titles and there is less than 12 months between them in age.

So take Liverpool out of the question. Imagine a universe where Benitez had never stood in the dugout at Anfield. Would he then be a comfortable fit for Everton?

Probably not.

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