Everton have a new transfer priority following their humiliating defeat at Watford.


Everton have a new transfer priority following their humiliating defeat at Watford.

Do yourself a favor and avoid watching the highlights this evening if you left Goodison Park after Watford’s fourth goal.

The fifth goal is just as terrible as the previous four. Actually, that could have been the worst of the bunch. The ultimate affront to those who stayed to watch a defensive horror show to the bitter finish.

Everton’s growing weakness in defending crosses into the box had already been highlighted in the first half, but they had regrouped, brought on Richarlison, and reclaimed the lead when the Brazilian headed home.

The Blues regained control of the game with less than half an hour remaining, and all seemed well in the world.

However, panic set in. Players began defending as if the game was already in its dying embers, well past the hour mark.

Everton took a 2-1 lead and then abruptly lost their poise and walked away.

Minds and bodies began to fatigue, more and more egregious errors were made, they were subjected to pressure, and they were made to pay. Heavily and inconveniently. Fans were obviously enraged by what they saw, but they are also concerned. I’m very concerned. Watford didn’t just eke out a win here; they won by three goals.

Everton have sunk to a new low in their miserable season. Rafa Benitez’s Watford team has collapsed as a result of Rafa Benitez’s humiliating lesson. Watford scored four times in the remaining 16 minutes of regular and extra time at Goodison Park.

A goal every four minutes, each one becoming more difficult to watch. It became increasingly difficult to trust what you were witnessing. When the score was 4-2, a large section of the home crowd walked out. When the fifth goal was scored, many people were still inside the stadium’s boundaries. But don’t go looking for it. You’ll become even more enraged as a result. Trust those of us who have stuck it out.

The level of Everton’s defending – if you can call it that – is not adequately represented by Shambolic. Many people inside Goodison have never seen anything like that. It was mind-blowing. The end of all end-of-all-end-of-all-end-of-all-end Everton gets a ten out of ten. “The summary has come to an end.”


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