“European Premier League”: New advance by top clubs…


According to British media reports, Europe’s top clubs are venturing a renewed push for a Europe-wide Super League. Liverpool FC and Manchester United are to receive support from the five major leagues.

According to British media, top clubs are forming in England for a new push towards a European Super League worth billions. Champions FC Liverpool and Manchester United are to be supported by more than a dozen clubs from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The basic idea of the plans, which are still “at an early stage”, however, is that they are still in the planning stage: A European league with 18 clubs, return matches and play-offs at the end of the season.

Financially, the project is supposed to be supported by investors with around five billion euros, with 2022 cited as a possible starting date. A spokesman for the European Football Union told the “BBC” that UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin had “made it clear many times that UEFA is absolutely against a super league”. According to reports, the world association FIFA is to support the plan.

“FIFA will not comment on today’s media reports and will not engage in speculation on issues that arise from time to time and for which good structural and regulatory frameworks are in place at national, European and global level,” the world governing body announced on request.

The idea of a Super League is not new, and has also come up in recent years whenever reforms of the Champions League have been discussed. So far, all efforts have failed. The UEFA competition would face stiff competition from a new league, which is reportedly called the “European Premier League” in the plans.



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