Eight years after getting her bellybutton pierced, a woman discovers it has gone horribly wrong.


A woman discovers eight years later that her bellybutton piercing went horribly wrong.

Eight years after having her bellybutton pierced, a woman discovers that something went horribly wrong.

Faith Kelly, an Essex influencer, discovered something strange with her bellybutton piercing when she removed her stud – and it’s actually a belly piercing.

A woman claims she recently discovered her belly button had been pierced incorrectly after having it pierced eight years ago.

Faith Kelly, from Essex, says she decided to replace her Swarovski stud with a gold hoop after making a startling discovery in a video that has received over 180,000 views.

The belly button has no piercing holes, but the skin above it appears to be where her piercer decided to place the needle, which is more painful.

“I’ve just realized that when I say I have a belly piercing, I mean I have a BELLY piercing,” the 22-year-old tells the camera.

“And there’s my stomach, my friends.”

That’s where my navel is.

My navel isn’t pierced.

“My stomach is pierced.”

“What are you talking about?” says the narrator.

Faith cautioned her fans in the caption, “Check your piercings right now.”

Many viewers were taken aback and told Faith that they had experienced something similar and were at a loss for what to do.

One user said, “I was shocked when I realized that about mine the other week.”

Another user commented, “These make me physically ill.”

I’m sorry; I’m not sure what it is about them that bothers me, but I’m about to die.”

“It’s impossible to pierce through your belly button because it’s long and thin,” explained a third viewer.

“It was pierced completely incorrectly as a surface piercing,” a fourth user said, “but if you’ve had it for eight years and it doesn’t bother you, it’s fine.”

Someone else explained, “It’s because your belly button is long and thin, so they couldn’t pierce through it.”

According to the NHS, a new piercing should be tender, itchy, and produce a pale liquid crust.

Swollen, painful, hot, and very red or dark in color, depending on your skin tone, are all signs of infection.

Blood, pus, a hot or shivering sensation, and a general feeling of being ill are all serious symptoms.


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