Diogo Jota is further proof that Liverpool is a master of the transfer market.


Less than six weeks after the expiry of his five-year contract in Anfield, the Portuguese international scored the 10,000th goal for the club.

It took Diogo Jota just over a month to write Liverpool’s history.

The 41-million-pound man is already paying back the large sum of money and the great confidence placed in him in Liverpool, writes Paul Gorst

The three goals scored so far by the former Wolves man are early enough to indicate that he will be a useful weapon in Liverpool’s arsenal of attacks in the weeks, months and years to come.

And considering how the still young days in Merseyside have gone, the 23-year-old would not be entirely wrong either.

But while the celebrations for the opening game against Midtjylland had heralded this milestone, Jay will feel that greater moments in Liverpool red await him.

Although he has only played four games so far, Jay’s contributions have not flattered him. There was no “stat padding” or overpainted results that were already certain.

His goals and performances have already played a major role for a Liverpool team that is still searching for its optimal level.

Then there was the winning goal against Sheffield United on Saturday night, which calmed the nerves of a fan base that was still wise from the VAR decisions that had been made against them.

Then there was the equalizer from the bench that extinguished the flickering flame of an Arsenal comeback last month.

And for his latest trick, the decisive opener against Midtjylland in the Champions League on Tuesday evening.

Put simply, Jay is already proving to be money well spent, even with an initial £41 million.

Against the Danes, the Reds were far from the top group, but Jay was in the right place at the right time to calm the mood down once again.

The additional £4 million the Wolves could earn from this September deal will depend on the season and certain Premier League and Champions League successes.

After Jay signed a seasonal loan deal with Molineux from Atletico Madrid, Jay spent around six months in Wolverhampton when they exercised their option to make the move during the championship a permanent affair.

Liverpool had kept a close eye on the versatile frontman after the Wolves’ promotion to the 2018 Premier League.

His efforts would contribute significantly to the later rise of Nuno Espirito Santo’s side before the Anfielders’ eyes were focused on what he could achieve at the top level.

And it wasn’t just Liverpool’s recruiting staff who noticed what the multi-skilled Portuguese could have to offer.


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