Despite any backlash, England will kneel during the Euros, according to Gareth Southgate.


Despite any backlash, England will kneel during the Euros, according to Gareth Southgate.

Gareth Southgate has stated that England will take the knee in the European Championships despite the possibility of a “adverse reaction,” as the booing of the gesture in Middlesbrough only strengthened the team’s resolve.

Since international football restarted last year, the Three Lions have taken an anti-racism stance in every match, and they will continue to do so despite some unpleasant reaction from fans when they returned on Wednesday.

Fans had been barred from England matches for 18 months until the 1-0 victory over Austria, when the pre-match gesture was welcomed with loud booing that was quickly drowned out by cheering from the rest of the stadium.

Southgate’s team returns to Middlesbrough on Sunday for their last Euro 2020 warm-up encounter against Romania, in which they will take the knee once more, as they will throughout the summer.

“I believe those individuals should put themselves in the shoes of those young players and understand how they must feel,” England manager Gareth Southgate said.

“How would they feel about their children being in that scenario if it was their children, if they’re old enough to have children?”

“The most essential thing for our players to understand is that we are completely aligned in our approach. We’re completely dedicated to helping each other and the team.

“We are more determined than ever to take the knee throughout this tournament.

“We recognize the possibility of an unpleasant reaction and will simply disregard it and continue forward.”

On Saturday, Southgate spoke eloquently about the matter, claiming that his players are tired of hearing about the gesture and that he would not accept any more questions about it during the tournament.

However, England manager Gareth Southgate insists that he must “never be allowed to grow bored” of discussing such topics because he has not dealt with the challenges that his players have.

Southgate, who takes the knee to think about his players and their experiences, said, “In essence, people are booing their own team.” “I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

“Perhaps you don’t have to if you don’t agree with the circumstances. (This is a brief piece.)


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