DeMaurice Smith wonders if Jon Gruden’s emails reveal that teams make decisions based on race.


DeMaurice Smith wonders if Jon Gruden’s emails reveal that teams make decisions based on race.

DeMaurice Smith, the NFL Players Association’s Black executive director, has questioned if the racist emails of now-former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden are proof that the league makes decisions based on people’s race.

Gruden quit on Monday after The New York Times published an article about insulting emails he sent to the Washington Redskins while working as a member of ESPN’s Monday Night Football booth ten years ago.

Smith “has lips the size of michellin tires,” Gruden stated in an email. Other emails from Gruden contained homophobic and misogynist remarks as well.

“What I’m curious about is whether there is any evidence that [NFL] teams make decisions concerning coaches based on their skin color?” On Wednesday, Smith told ESPN’s The Right Time podcast host Bomani Jones.

“Do they aggressively oppose players who choose to self-identify in different ways?” Smith went on. “Are they disparaging people based on their sexual orientation or religious beliefs?” Smith said he was astonished when he first learned about Gruden’s email that he felt so comfortable sharing his opinions with other business executives.

Smith told Jones, “It’s a horrible caricature that you and I would have expected from the 1950s or 1960s.”

According to Smith, inappropriate words are frequently dismissed by NFL fans and officials as part of the sport’s culture. NFL football, Smith feels, “should be better than this.” And I don’t think we should let people perceiving other people as less philosophically just—I find that morally revolting.” “We’ve discussed diversity. “For years, we’ve talked about inclusivity,” Smith remarked. “How can we turn the corner and make our words reflect our actions?” Smith told Jones that he had talked to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell privately about what the league can do to combat racism and other prejudices.

Smith remained tight-lipped about the chats. He believes Goodell, on the other hand, “appreciates and is oblivious to the tangible, ethical matters that I think we need to tackle,” according to him. Smith said Gruden’s racist email “confirms that the struggle against racism, racial stereotypes, and intolerance is not done” in a Monday Twitter thread. “The powerful in our industry must accept the power that football possesses.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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