Cristiano Ronaldo Scammed By His “Trusted” Travel Agent, according to Manchester United rumors.


Cristiano Ronaldo Scammed By His “Trusted” Travel Agent, according to Manchester United rumors.

Not only did Cristiano Ronaldo lose some of his money, but he also lost faith in one of his secret agents.

Ronaldo was duped by his “trusted” travel agency during his hot Manchester United comeback season, according to Marca, quoting Jornal de Noticias.

Maria Silva was identified as the travel agency who withdrew the sum of €288,000 ($337,000) from Ronaldo’s account.

According to the investigation, Silva, to whom Ronaldo has entrusted his bank account information, has engaged in fraudulent operations for “over a three-year period.”

Silva is claimed to have persuaded her clients, including Ronaldo, to transfer cash for travel expenses to her account rather than the account of the travel firm for which she works.

According to the article, Silva has allegedly stolen from her other high-profile clients, including renowned sports agent Jorge Mendes and football talents Nani and Manuel Fernandes.

While it is terrible that part of Ronaldo’s fortunes were lost in the aforementioned swindle, his return to Manchester United might see him earn a phenomenal amount of money.

Kieran Maguire, a football financial expert, recently commented on how much Ronaldo and Manchester United may gain now that the Portuguese has returned, saying that both parties could generate money through “commercials.”

With Ronaldo easily one of the world’s most valuable sportsmen and the media frenzy around his Manchester United homecoming, Maguire believes the five-time Ballon d’Or winner might bring in a “extra £500,000” ($690 million) in just one commercial contract.

“[Manchester United] is more likely to recoup significant sums through new commercial partners,” Maguire said. “Partners will want players to come in and pose with their stuff. For an extra £500,000, they might send Ronaldo.”

“You only have to do it a dozen or so times to receive a significant amount back,” the financial expert noted. “Everyone is a winner: the player [Ronaldo] makes money, the club makes money, and everyone is a winner. That is usually where the money is recouped. It will undoubtedly assist their commercial department in negotiating commercial transactions in the coming years.”


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