Cristiano Ronaldo Could Induce ‘Extra’ $690M In One Deal, According To Manchester United Rumors


Cristiano Ronaldo Could Induce ‘Extra’ $690M In One Deal, According To Manchester United Rumors

Cristiano Ronaldo, according to a sports finance specialist, might assist Manchester United in recovering large sums of money.

Ronaldo made Manchester United the most talked-about side in the English Premier League once again in a couple of days.

The excitement around Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford has been beneficial to the club in terms of competition, but football finance expert Kieran Maguire believes he might also be beneficial to the club financially.

Maguire discussed how the five-time Ballon d’Or winner might make millions of dollars for Manchester United through ads in an exclusive chat with Football Insider.

According to Maguire, depending on Ronaldo’s current valuation and the excitement around his return to Manchester United, he could easily secure a “extra £500,000” ($690 million) in a single commercial contract.

“[Manchester United] is more likely to recoup significant sums through new commercial partners,” Maguire said.

“Partners will want players to come in and pose with their stuff. For an extra £500,000, they might send Ronaldo.”

He said, “You only have to do it a dozen or so times and you get a big amount back.” “Everyone is a winner: the player [Ronaldo] makes money, the club makes money, and everyone is a winner. That is usually where the money is recouped. It will undoubtedly assist their commercial department in negotiating commercial transactions in the coming years.”

Ronaldo’s re-signing is a win-win situation for Manchester United. Not only can the Portugal captain earn a lot of money for the team, but he’s also a significant player on the field.

In reality, Ronaldo made his presence felt in his second stay at Old Trafford with a spectacular brace that helped Manchester United thrash Newcastle 4-1.

Meanwhile, United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is confident that his team is ready for the task this season, thanks to the signing of Ronaldo.

In a recent news conference, Solskjaer stated, “The goal when we go into this competition now is to go all the way; it’s going to be difficult, it usually is.” “We’ve added some experience, quality, and youth this year, and we’re better equipped for what’s ahead.”

“We’re gaining the spine of the club, you can see experience and quality with players like David [de Gea]and Harry [Maguire], who has had a couple of years,” he continued.

“Raphael [Varane] and Cristiano [Ronaldo] add, not that last piece, but we have to buy something additional unless we win it four times. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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