Conor McGregor’s Motivation Has Changed Due To Fame And Fortune, According To BRAVE CF Champ


Conor McGregor’s Motivation Has Changed Due To Fame And Fortune, According To BRAVE CF Champ

Conor McGregor, the mixed martial arts superstar who suffered a catastrophic ankle injury at UFC 264, has no idea what his future holds.

It is believed that he will be out for some time.

According to surgeons, McGregor will be on crutches for at least six weeks and will not be able to compete for another 12 months.

McGregor’s ankle was in bad shape before his fight with Dustin Poirier, according to UFC president Dana White.

White mentioned that “The Notorious” had chronic arthritis in both ankles, which had been bothering him for the past few years.

White said Fox News, “He’s had ankle troubles for the previous couple of years.” “He had asked whether he might tape his ankles before the fight, but then he decided not to. I’m not sure why.”

The perspective of McGregor dealing with an injury, on the other hand, has prompted concerns.

The Nevada State Athletic State Commission’s executive director, Bob Bennett, said that they were never aware of McGregor’s previous injuries.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Irishman would have been obliged to fill out a pre-fight questionnaire certifying his fitness to fight.

Putting aside the injury, it’s clear that things haven’t been the same for the former UFC champion.

In his last four fights, he has only won once, prompting worries about whether his professional career is on the decline.

On Sports Bytes Philippines, hosted by Rica Aquino and Brian Yalung, BRAVE CF middleweight champion Mohammad Fakhreddine chimed in on the subject of McGregor, pointing out how things haven’t been the same for the 33-year-old Irishman.

“Since his fight with Floyd [Mayweather], Conor [McGregor] hasn’t been the same. I believe his downfall was making much too much money. After the fight, he was never the same. You can tell from the outcomes. Is it true that he only won two of the six games? I believe he is making too much money… he was starving at first. “I sensed that he is still a little hungry in his thoughts, but his heart no longer desires it,” Fakhreddine explained.

When questioned by Aquino how injuries effect fighters, “The Latest” simply stated that the athlete’s life will never be the same.

“No matter what injuries you have, even if you break a nail, it will never be the same. You can only imagine how bad it would be if you broke a bone, tore a muscle, or tore a ligament, or whatever. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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