Conor McGregor Explains What Really Happened At The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards With Rapper.


Conor McGregor Explains What Really Happened At The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards With Rapper.

Conor McGregor, a UFC fighter, is known for initiating fights and causing incidents.

When he just appeared at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, it appears that this was on many people’s minds.

According to TMZ, the former UFC champion got into an altercation with Machine Gun Kelly.

If the photographs from the scene are to be believed, McGregor appeared to be ready to hook up with the rapper.

This, however, does not appear to be the case. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Irishman detailed what happened, saying that he was merely trying to approach MGK to say hi.

“Not a single thing. McGregor claimed, “I simply showed up—and I don’t know, I don’t even know the guy.” “I only face real fighters, individuals who are willing to put up a fight. I don’t fight straight-laced, white rappers. Except for the fact that he’s with Megan Fox, I don’t know who he is.”

Machine Gun Kelly is getting some heat from Conor McGregor. #VMAs

While this should clarify up a lot of things because it came from McGregor himself, a statement from Machine Gun Kelly could be important as well.

This is presuming the 31-year-old believes it need clarification and that the effort spent doing so is worthwhile.

According to the initial accounts, McGregor was merely trying to say hello when MGK shouted something he didn’t understand.

One of the rapper’s bodyguards shoved the UFC fighter away, and a source said McGregor had no idea what was going on.

According to another story, McGregor only wanted a photo with Machine Gun Kelly but was turned down by the artist.

This is said to have aggravated the situation, resulting in the mixed martial artist stumbling back and spilling his drink.

Fans also appear to be misinterpreting the photo that emerged from the skirmish. McGregor appears to be throwing a punch at first glance.

However, as previously said, it was nothing more than him reaching out to MGK and then being shoved by the rapper’s security.

As a result, any suggestion that McGregor was attempting to start anything that could lead to future fights should be put to rest for the time being.

McGregor’s foot injury has not fully healed, and he is not anticipated to return to competition for some time.

But as far as Machine Gun Kelly is concerned, he may have just been a fan in “The Notorious.”


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