Child abuse: Ex-football coach is on trial.


A soccer trainer is said to have used a bizarre trick to obtain intimate photos of his charges. The 21-year-old is also said to have sexually assaulted the children. Now he must answer for the alleged crimes in court.

He is said to be a member of a special unit and to be freeing children from the clutches of a Russian child pornography ring – a soccer trainer is said to have used this scam to lure his protégés in order to obtain intimate recordings. What may sound bizarre, the man was obviously able to convey in a credible way. He was given pictures and videos, and is said to have sexually assaulted the minor. From Friday on (30.10.) the 21-year-old has to answer for the alleged crimes before the regional court Schweinfurt.

In the function of a soccer coach, a confidant, he is said to have approached the children and teenagers. According to the prosecution, he told them about a criminal ring from Russia, which he called “mafia” and which succeeded in hacking the cell phones of team members. The criminals could thus have filmed the showers and posted the pictures and video recordings on the Internet.

The trainer claimed to have developed a “filter” with which the nude pictures and videos of the children could be tracked down and deleted. To do this, they would have to send intimate recordings to him for comparison and fill out a questionnaire with details of the intimate area. According to the prosecution, some of the children took the recordings and passed them on to the defendant in whatsapp chats.

The game “Strip-FIFA” invented

In order to get them to do so, the defendant manipulated them in various ways. In one case, he is said to have faked an imminent kidnapping of a team member by the Russian mafia if the victim did not send more pictures and videos to placate the alleged kidnappers.

He acted on another minor for five months, telling him that the mafia was planning to kidnap the 13-year-old. He was told to carry out the practices with him to harden him up, as the Mafia would eventually be more painful. He is also said to have thought up the game “Strip-FIFA”, in which the person who scores a goal in the computer soccer game has to take off a piece of clothing.

The crimes took place between October 2017 and the arrest in February 2020. 21-year-old Joe had not been noticed by the authorities for sexual offences before. The suspect from the Bad Kissingen district has been in custody since mid-February. According to the investigators, he was as far as possible reasonable during his questioning. Because of the Corona restrictions and the expected public interest, the chamber will hear the trial opening on Friday in Schweinfurt’s town hall.



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