Chelsea’s Rafa Benitez made a decision that helped Liverpool sign Mohamed Salah.


Chelsea’s Rafa Benitez made a decision that helped Liverpool sign Mohamed Salah.

Rafa Benitez had an influence in Mohamed Salah’s eventual move to Liverpool, according to a former Chelsea coach.

Salah moved to Chelsea from Basel in January 2014, but he never got enough playing time.

Salah spent two loan spells with Fiorentina and Roma before signing a permanent deal with the latter in 2016.

Salah joined Liverpool in 2017 after two seasons at Roma, one on loan and the other as a permanent member of the side.

Despite being on Chelsea’s books for two and a half years, the Egyptian only made 19 appearances and scored two goals.

Salah’s loan technical coach during his time away from Stamford Bridge, Eddie Newton, has described how Benitez set in motion the system that led to the Egyptian’s final departure.

From 2012 to 2013, Benitez served as Chelsea’s interim manager, taking over from Roberto Di Matteo, before being replaced by Jose Mourinho for his second time in command.

“It was operational, but it wasn’t a fully built system.” “It was largely the invention of (ex-Chelsea technical director) Michael Emenalo,” Newton told Goal.

“He took me into his office and told me, ‘Look, Rafa [Benitez] is a little concerned about having you since you were with the previous manager (Roberto Di Matteo)’.

“So I wasn’t going to play in the first team with him, but he gave me another job to create and oversee the loan program.” He claimed that we had too many young players who were good enough for the Under-23s but not for the first squad.

“We needed to loan them out, but we needed to do it better than we had before.” We didn’t know anything about the individuals who were on loan to us.

“He handed me a blueprint, and I built it from there.” We met on a regular basis, and he promised to bring me what I needed to make it work.” “It showed the players that Chelsea cared about them and wasn’t just doing it to get them off the pay bill,” Newton continued. Many loans went well, while others did not, but we paid more attention to the ones that did not. We looked for ways to assist the manager of the club.

“The input we give gamers was devised by us.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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