Calls for the dismissal of Matt Nagy as bear trainer, who loses the ball after his defeat against the rams.


The Chicago Bears are 5-2 for the season and half a game behind the Green Bay Packers in NFC North, but as Matt Nagy found out on Monday night, the shores of Lake Michigan are not all right.

The Bears suffered a grim 24-10 defeat of the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football, in which Chicago scored no goals in the first and third quarters and the only touchdown came after a botched catch-up in the fourth quarter, when the Rams were leading by 21 points.

Their efforts in Los Angeles did little to dispel the feelings of the Bears, who are flattered by their 5-2 record.

Only five teams average below the Bears’ 19.7 points per game, and along with the Buffalo Bills, Chicago is the only team to have won at least five games despite a negative points difference.

Speaking to ESPN after the game, Nagy admitted that his team had problems that needed to be addressed.

“I’m not going to question the efforts of our boys, but something is obviously wrong,” he said.

His assessment did not prevent Twitter from demanding that Nagy be fired or at least give up his duties as an offensive caller.

Nagy tries to play Patterson in the 4th and 1st round and fails.

Enough is enough. Dude has to give up his duties as a caller, because that just doesn’t work and didn’t work. #Bears

– Aaron Leming (@AaronLemingNFL) October 27, 2020

“You are the problem. We have to stop beating around the bush here. The problem is that he dictates the rules of the game. This is getting ridiculous.”
– Former Chicago Bear Alex Brown on HC Matt Nagy

(About NBC Sports Chicago’s Bears Postgame Show of the Bears)

– Daniel Greenberg (@ChiSportUpdates) October 27, 2020

Did Cordarrelle Patterson blackmail Matt Nagy?

– Big Cat (@BarstoolBigCat) October 27, 2020

For the 24th time in Matt Nagy’s 40 games as coach of the Bears, the offensive did not reach 21 points.

– Dan Wiederer (@danwiederer) October 27, 2020

Things about which I would like Nagy to be questioned tonight:

1.) Is he willing to give up the game?

2.) Does he have an answer to what Griese revealed that Foles said about the offence?

3.) Why is Ted Ginn on the team?

– Matt Eurich (@MattEurich) October 27, 2020

Ok Nagy Time to give up the game call

– Jeremy Layton (@JeremyLayt0n) October 27, 2020

Sean McVay is who Matt Nagy thinks he is

– Club Dub Bouncers (@BarbChairScott) October 27, 2020

Matt Nagy embarrassed himself at MNF. The ESPN broadcast team laughed during his play-calling. In fact, his calls are so nasty that Nick Foles knows when a play doesn’t work (HOW DON’T NAGY KNOW???). You know who said that? NICK FOLES. He admitted it. I feel sick. #Bears

– Flo Ottis (@flo_ottis) October 27, 2020

An already difficult night was made worse by the fact that the Bears’ quarterback, Nick Foles, deliberately ignored some of Nagy’s calls this season, knowing that the Bears’ weak offensive line will not give him enough time to make the calls.

“We spoke to Nick Foles yesterday. And he said, ‘Sometimes game calls come in and I know I don’t have time to make those game calls,'” said Monday Night Football color commentator Brian Griese during the broadcast.

“‘And I’m the one who gets hit out here, and sometimes the guy who makes the game calls, Matt Nagy, doesn’t know how much time is left back here. So that’s something they have to get a handle on.”

Nagy insisted, however, that no problems were brewing between him and Foles, against whom the Bears were traded in the off-season to compete with Mitchell Trubisky.

“We never had this conversation… I don’t know,” the Bears’ head coach, who is responsible for the franchise in two and a half seasons 25:14, told NBC after the game.

“You must [ask]… Nick and I have a pretty good relationship and he didn’t say that. I’m sure he’ll explain what he meant by that.

Foles also tried to clarify his comments, which suggests that Griese misunderstood him.

“In the situation with Brian, it was just a miscommunication, because I didn’t want to convey that in this conversation,” he explained.

Chicago’s offensive line offered little protection to Foles, who was repeatedly harassed by the Rams’ defense and had a miserable night. The Bears’ quarterback was fired four times and made 28 of his 40 passes over 261 yards without touchdowns and two interceptions.

The Bears started the season with a 3-0 win over Trubisky before Foles was able to score in the dri


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