Caesars Superdome to be renamed New Orleans Saints Stadium


Caesars Superdome to be renamed New Orleans Saints Stadium

After a 20-year lease was approved on Thursday, the New Orleans Saints will play at the newly christened Caesars Superdome.

According to The Times-Picayune, the Louisiana state’s Joint Legislature Committee on the Budget authorized the name rights “without opposition” following a morning meeting called for a vote on the agreement.

The Louisiana Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget (JLCB) authorized the naming rights convention for the Superdome today, according to Greg Bensel, the Saints’ senior vice president of communications. “This clearance was merely a procedural step in acquiring the Superdome’s naming rights, and we now proceed to finish our collaboration deal. We’ll make a formal announcement once that’s official.”

According to the New York Times, the contract is worth 138 million dollars, with the Saints receiving the proceeds. The funds will be used for a multi-year rehabilitation project, according to the team.

The Caesars Superdome will be the first NFL stadium with a casino moniker. In 2019, Caesars Entertainment became the NFL’s first gambling sponsor, becoming the league’s official casino sponsor.

Hard Rock was not authorized to tie the naming rights arrangement for the Miami Dolphins’ stadium with gambling ventures when it was signed in 2016.

At the discussion, Louisiana State Senator Katrina Jackson objected to the logo for the façade of the Superdome. The prototype photographs of the name appeared to Jackson to be “gaudy and comical.”

The stadium’s writing is in two different fonts, with the name “Caesar” written in the Caesar Entertainment style and the term “Superdome” written in bold, capital letters.

ASM Global’s business operations director, Evan Holmes, said, “We don’t want it to develop into a minor league baseball outfield wall.”

According to the New York Times, Holmes said the committee will take Jackson’s comment into consideration.

On Twitter, NFL fans voiced their displeasure with the new moniker. Many people speculated that the pizza firm Little Caesars would be the Saints’ new sponsor at first.

“The Caesar’s Superdome?!?” says the narrator. LOLLLLL. What a perfect match. Is it possible that the other arena will be “Lil Caesar’s”? @PaulMcRambles, a Twitter user, wrote.

@jeffreydecorte tweeted, “Little Caesar’s palace heated n ready Superdome.”

The Caesar Salad Superdome is not one of them. ‍

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