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The corona crisis could ensure that Jadon Sancho remains with Borussia Dortmund beyond the season. In just two and a half years, the wing-wheeler from England has become the most expensive and sought-after player in the Bundesliga. Whoever wants to buy him will have to pay 130 million euros.

A total of 19 Englishmen have made it into the Bundesliga in 57 years. This corresponds to a share of 0.7 percent of all guest workers in football since the start of the Bundesliga in 1963.

So far, only four English players have become Bundesliga stars: Kevin Keegan (Hamburger SV) and Tony Woddcock (1. FC Köln), both of whom were hired as seasoned national players in Germany. Owen Hargreaves joined FC Bayern Munich at the age of 16 and only became interesting for the English Premier League after playing in the Bundesliga. The same now applies to Jadon Sancho at Borussia Dortmund.

Jadon Sancho shows other English talents the way

Sancho could become a trendsetter. For decades, there was no special sporting or financial reason for English footballers to leave their home country for the Bundesliga.

However, since the Premier League came into existence (in 1992) and the top English league likes to adorn itself with the biggest stars on the football planet, young English players there have found it increasingly difficult to assert themselves against the stars from abroad.

What’s more, the Bundesliga has long since kept up with the once proverbial mood in England, sometimes even surpassing it according to English fans.

Meanwhile, fans from the island enjoy going on an educational trip through the Bundesliga. They appreciate the comparatively affordable admission prices and – unthinkable decades ago – the local atmosphere.

This is legendary in Dortmund. The south stand there, known beyond the borders as the “yellow wall”, is populated by around 25,000 people – unless there is a risk of contracting the coronavirus.

In front of it, Sancho on the right wing is one of the greatest hopes of English football – and now the most expensive professional in the Bundesliga.

In the summer of 2017, BVB invested less than eight million euros in the then 17-year-old. Two years earlier, Sancho from Watford had landed near Manchester City. The offensive talent had little prospect of a season with the exquisitely cast Sky Blue.

In Dortmund, Sancho made the leap to the regular team after only one year of settling in last season. Thanks to outstanding performances, the national player is in the notebooks of the best clubs in the world.

Breakthrough in the outstanding 2018/19 season
In 2018/19, Sancho scored in all 34 Bundesliga games, achieved a “kicker” average of 2.88, scored 12 times and hung up 18 times for his colleagues. No other competitor in the Bundesliga can boast more assists in the season.

In terms of scorer points (goals plus assists), only top scorer Robert Lewandowski, like Sancho once Dortmund, outperformed the Englishman – by four points.

The fact that Sancho has brought so much escapade and indiscipline to the game in recent months does not blur the brilliant overall impression. Because on the grass he still delivers top performances.

The Corona crisis could ensure that Jadon Sancho remains with Borussia Dortmund beyond the season. In just two and a half years, the winged runner from England has become the most expensive and most sought-after player in the Bundesliga. Whoever wants to buy him will have to pay 130 million euros.
Already 30 scorer points in the 2019/20 season
In the playing time interrupted after 25 match days Sancho turned the tables on Lewandowski in the scorer classification with 30:29.

After 23 games, Sancho has already scored two more Bundesliga goals than last year. His average score on the “kicker” is practically on a par with the 2018/19 season: 2.93. He has already been in the eleventh place on the day of the sports magazine four times.

And Sancho’s 16 goals scored this season indicate that the previous year’s figure would be surpassed here as well – if the Bundesliga season were to come to a regular end.

Bundesliga player of the month February
In February 2020, the German Football League and the video game producer EA Sports Sancho named Sancho Bundesliga Player of the Month.

The “training league” label, which is sometimes used disparagingly for the Bundesliga, becomes a seal of approval in Sancho’s case. Suddenly England would like to have its prodigal son back.

City rivals Manchester United are just as much after Sancho as Chelsea FC London. To do so, however, both clubs would have to spend over 122 million euros more than Borussia Dortmund once did. Sancho is under contract with the Black and Yellow until 30 June 2022.

According to the portal “”, Sancho’s market value in the Bundesliga has skyrocketed by a whopping 125 million euros: from five million euros to 130 million euros. And d


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