Before the game, England and Scotland players take a knee.


Before the game, England and Scotland players take a knee.

Both England and Scotland’s players and staff knelt prior of their Euro 2020 match.

While the gesture has recently been criticized by a small group of England fans, Scotland has been standing up to racism before games.

After first refusing to take the knee, the visitors eventually gave in, and despite both sets of fans booed their opponents’ national anthems, the response to the anti-racism gesture was the most supportive of recent games, with a cacophony of noise drowning out barely audible booing.

The England players knelt before kick-off in their Euro 2020 triumph against Croatia on Sunday, with a small group of Wembley spectators booing the anti-racism stance.

It came after further vociferous jeering in the two warm-up matches at Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium, despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson, England manager Gareth Southgate, and the Football Association urging them not to retaliate.

Despite the protests of some, England’s players have stated that they will continue to take the knee and that the message should not be missed.


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