Barcelona is set to secure Lionel Messi’s future after receiving a loan from La Liga.


Barcelona is set to secure Lionel Messi’s future after receiving a loan from La Liga.

After a contract with CVC Capital Partners, La Liga’s future is finally secure.

The deal is said to be worth €2.7 billion ($3.2 billion), with La Liga launching a new corporation in which CVC will possess a 10% stake and 90 percent of the money flowing to La Liga teams as the summer transfer season closes.

This provides Barcelona all the financial flexibility they require to secure Lionel Messi’s deal while also confirming the arrival of their summer transfer targets.

To make ends meet, the club has been selling or loaning players, but with the new arrangement, they will be able to keep Messi on the team while making minor changes throughout the organization.

Left-back Junior Firpo, center-back Jean-Clair Todibo, central midfielder Carles Alena, and left-back Juan Miranda all left Barcelona this summer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Spain hard, and La Liga earnings have suffered as a result, forcing clubs to scrounge up whatever funds they could to stay afloat.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta recently provided an update on Messi’s contract, stating that “everything is on track” for him to return to the club for the 2021-22 season.

The financing transaction is expected to provide Barcelona with roughly €280 million ($332 million) in funding.

“It will be divided based on the contributions made by the teams since the centralization of audiovisual rights in 2015, which was a pivotal moment in the promotion of LaLiga,” a league source said. “It does not consider a single point in time, but rather the average status of the clubs over the last seven years.”

According to ESPN, the money must be spent in a specified way, with 70% going toward long-term growth initiatives, 15% going toward debt refinancing, and 15% going toward increasing league-imposed expenditure limitations.

According to a Barcelona insider, Thursday “may be a critical day” in regards to Messi’s new deal.

This is a significant break for La Liga clubs as the top-flight Spanish league attempts to recover from the challenges of coping with the global pandemic as the new season approaches.


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