At BRAVE CF 54, a Filipino UFC veteran makes a prediction for the main event lightweight title fight.


At BRAVE CF 54, a Filipino UFC veteran makes a prediction for the main event lightweight title fight.

Rolando Dy, a hard-hitting Filipino striker, has given his prediction for the main event of BRAVE CF 54, which will feature BRAVE CF lightweight champion Amin Ayoub vs. Ahmed Amir.

“Ayoub (Amin) will easily win. “In my perspective, (Ahmed) Amir doesn’t belong there,” the Filipino stated flatly.

“I honestly believe Amin (Ayoub) is superior stylistically to (Ahmed) Amir. (Ahmed) Amir has never faced a fighter of Amin’s ability (Ayoub). On fight night, it will be evident.”

Dy targeted Amir on social media in April, promising a “serious fight” to the 29-year-old fighter, but the Egyptian chose not to respond.

Meanwhile, after both men won their battles at BRAVE CF 44 in November of last year, the French lightweight champion offered the Filipino a crack at his belt.

“I don’t think either Amin (Ayoub) or (Ahmed) Amir will choose to fight me if Amin (Ayoub) retains the title or (Ahmed) Amir wins the title,” Dy stated of a prospective battle with either guy.

Ayoub and Amir were originally slated to fight at BRAVE CF 50 in April, however the challenger pulled out due to a neck and shoulder injury a few days before the event.

Mashrabjon Ruziboev stepped in as a last-minute replacement for Amir, and Ayoub won a catchweight bout by unanimous decision.

Ayoub has gone undefeated in his last eight fights, dating back to April 2018, and he appears to be on track to do so again if he can avoid Amir’s powerful attacks in the opening minutes.

Dy is still “eager to battle.”

Dy is very excited to be back in the cage and face battle against the best lightweights that BRAVE CF has to offer after being named the promotion’s 2020 Fighter of the Year.

The Filipino most recently competed in the promotion in March, when he faced lightweight contender Abdisalam “Omok” Kubanychbek at BRAVE CF 47: Asian Domination.

“I’m hungry to battle, like I usually am. I’m constantly on the lookout for some healthy competition. I don’t back out, I don’t make excuses, and I always show up, even if it’s last minute. I’ll fight as long as I can make the walkout,” Dy stated.

“BRAVE CF can call me at any time, and I will always say, ‘Yes, and I accept.’”


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