As the European Super League reaction is announced, Everton fans are calling for a supporter group to advise the board.


As the European Super League reaction is announced, Everton fans are calling for a supporter group to advise the board.

Evertonians have demanded that the board be advised by a fan representative.

Everton announced the results of a survey that allowed supporters to have their voice on the future of football, and 91 percent of those who responded indicated they wanted a supporter committee or custodian group to advise the Everton board on crucial issues.

Following the withdrawal of six Premier League clubs (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur) from the proposed breakaway European Super League in April, which threatened to throw a spanner in over a century of sporting integrity created by football’s organic pyramid system and instead create a synthetic closed shop private members’ club, Evertonian has stepped up to the plate.

Professor Denise Barrett-Baxendale, Everton’s chief executive, promised that the club’s and fans’ voices “will be heard,” and the survey, which was open to supporters in July and received nearly 10,000 responses, was structured based on feedback from the Fans’ Forum following a series of workshops with fan groups.

The Everton Supporters’ Club Committee, Everton Shareholders’ Association, Everton Disabled Supporters’ Association, and the Everton Heritage Society were among the groups that took part in the workshops, representing almost 3,000 supporters.

In her role as a member of the advisory board led by Tracey Crouch MP, Professor Barrett-Baxendale has utilized the poll data to assist guide her input into the Government’s fan-driven review.

The survey results show that Evertonians are concerned about how English football is regulated and how the European Super League proposals may affect Everton and the wider footballing pyramid in the future, and that the overwhelming majority of Evertonians support the club’s firm and unequivocal opposition to those proposals.

While there was support for fans having a seat on the board, the survey’s findings suggest that a number of crucial variables were deemed more vital by respondents in positively impacting and protecting the game’s future.

These included the need for the government and/or football to pass legislation to avoid future threats to the integrity of.


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