As the blame game resumes, Farhad Moshiri left with major Everton questions.


As the blame game resumes, Farhad Moshiri left with major Everton questions.

When given time to reflect on a bad outcome, you’ll typically discover that more calm and reasoned minds emerge the next day.

Everton supporters may have wished for this as they went to bed on Saturday night. Perhaps it will feel better in the morning, and we will be able to reflect more rationally.

Let’s face it, Blues supporters have had enough embarrassing results in recent years to understand how this all works.

However, the manner in which this defeat occurred sets it apart from the others.

Has there ever been a Premier League collapse like that? To be 2-1 up with 12 minutes remaining in normal time against a freshly promoted and struggling side at home, only to lose 5-2? If you thought the late collapse against Newcastle in January 2020 was awful, you should probably avoid watching the last minutes of Saturday’s match against Watford.

As a result, the blame game has begun in these circumstances.

Again, Everton supporters may be more accustomed to this than any other supporters in the country – at least in the top flight.

This weekend marked the return of Groundhog Day. Following a humiliating setback in absurd circumstances, the same issues concerning attitude, drive, commitment, mentality…

You already know the outcome because we’ve been down this road so many times.

This appears to be the standard outcome for every new manager at Goodison Park.

“Now he understands what this squad is all about.”

But, after that realization, what happens? Over the next week, fans will hear all of the usual soundbites and platitudes, and there may be a small improvement in form, but how long will embarrassments like this be repeated? This appears to be a watershed moment in which a number of Evertonians have had enough of the club’s merry-go-round of misery and disappointment, and they are demanding answers.

What kind of package do they come in? What are their origins? These are the main questions that will be discussed in the next weeks.

Some people are pointing fingers at the players. “The summary has come to an end.”


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