Arsenal striker might become a Superstar at a different club, according to reports.


Arsenal striker might become a Superstar at a different club, according to reports.

Eddie Nketiah is one of Arsenal’s undiscovered talents.

The 22-year-old put in a strong display in the Carabao Cup against Leeds United, mixing in well with veteran Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Mikel Arteta chose Nketiah over Alexandre Lacazette as his starting quarterback, and the decision paid off handsomely.

Nketiah had an outstanding performance, scoring a goal in the second half.

Although his abilities are thought to be on par with those of today’s finest players, his consistency has been questioned.

However, the only way to do so is for the English player to be given adequate minutes, which is why Nketiah is making the most of the opportunities Arteta provides him.

Arteta would want to keep the young English striker if he had his way. He does not, however, have authority over the contract situation.

Nketiah will be a free agent at the end of the season, and he is anticipated to be inundated with offers.

He is regarded as a unique talent who, if given frequent opportunity, can reliably score.

Regardless of whether Nketiah stays or goes, Arteta is confident that the Englishman will be a good player wherever he plays.

“I am convinced that he will develop into a quality player, hopefully at Arsenal.” I’m delighted to have him on board. He is our player, and I hold him in the highest regard, and I would like him to stay,” Arteta said via

West Ham United and Brighton were among the clubs connected with the English striker last summer.

There’s a chance that both are still on the lookout for Nketiah.

With Aubameyang still the team’s best player, expecting Nketiah to take over now is wishful thinking.

As a result, Nketiah’s climb to prominence may occur, but not at Emirates Stadium.


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