Arsenal legend Ian Wright explains how he almost came to support Liverpool.


Wright is the second top scorer ever at Arsenal, only surpassed by Thierry Henry’s performance of 175 league goals.

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has revealed that he was almost a Liverpool fan when he was growing up, before swearing allegiance to the Gunners.

The Gunners’ icon has stated that he reaffirmed his loyalty at Anfield rather than Highbury.

Rocastle performed 200 times for the club in eight years at Arsenal, and his appearance at the Academy convinced Wright that he was the team to follow.

However, things could have gone very differently if David Rocastle hadn’t made the breakthrough in Highbury.

He scored 113 goals in the Premier League and won the title with the Gunners in 1997. Today, in addition to his professional duties, he is a club legend.

As a result, Wright almost posed as Kopite, but after the advent of Rocastle followed Arsenal instead.

The dominance of Liverpool in the 70s and 80s made them England’s most popular team, winning titles and European Cups at the gallop.

“I probably would have supported Liverpool, but when David Rocastle went to Arsenal in the 80s when he was playing in the youth team, everyone followed, so the whole country followed Arsenal”.

“When I was younger, I always had a preference for Liverpool,” he said in his new podcast Wrighty’s House.

This decision ultimately shaped Wright’s career, in which he played with stars like Dennis Bergkamp and other stars from Arsenal.

“They played us together in training, and many of the balls he passed me in the first few sessions hit me on the back of my leg because my run would have to be right for him to pass them to me.

“That made me realize that I was playing with the cream,” Wright said about Bergkamp.

“The pressure I felt when I thought this guy was so far ahead that I was still running forward, even though I should have stopped or because these players don’t make mistakes when they pass.

“So what I had to realize was that I had to watch him and watch the defender because the ball hit me in the back of the legs.


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