Anthony Gordon had an honest conversation with Carlo Ancelotti that led to the recall of the Premier League.


Gordon made his Premier League debut last season under Ancelotti, appeared 11 times and made his full debut against Liverpool in June.

Everton youngster Anthony Gordon explained how an honest conversation with Carlo Ancelotti earned him his first Premier League appearance of the season.

A graduate of the Blues Academy, he fought for Premier League minutes after entering the first team last season.

As a result, Gordon was limited to two Carabao Cup appearances during his term of office and had little chance in the first team.

The 19-year-old made his first league appearance of the season on Sunday in a 2-0 defeat to Southampton after Everton’s strong start to the season.

“As a player, I always want to get better and better and improve myself.

Gordon, who was not on the squad for Everton’s opening game against Tottenham, explained the open discussion he had with Ancelotti to be reinstated in the squad.

“I didn’t kick his door in, but went and asked politely, ‘What can I do better to get back in the squad?” Gordon told Evertontv.

“[There was] nothing concrete [Ancelotti asked Gordon], he said I was doing very well and should continue doing what I do. We have a very competitive side, which I understand.

“I just wanted to hear his opinion on it – he gave me his point of view, and I try to work on it every day.

“With the players we’ve hired and already had, it’s a really strong squad. It’s hard for a young player to make the breakthrough and for me it’s a proof of how I train and improve, to be here and get chances.

“For me the nerves were not as bad as they could have been because he is such a nice person.

“I was a little [nervous to go to Ancelotti], yes. It was the first time I did it. But he is such a warm person and manager.

“He welcomed it with open arms”..


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