Amazing NFL records until week 9 of the 2020 season.


The 2020 NFL season was a strange one. Although there was a flood of record-breaking appearances over a nine-week period, and more are likely to follow, the season will probably be remembered by very few fans, no preseason and a whirlwind of off-season play.

However, productivity on the field in the first nine weeks was overwhelming. Looking at history, no other season can be compared to 2020, with the exception of a few newcomer categories where more major newcomers played a central role in the 1987 “scab” season, when replacements were brought in during a storm.

Here are some of the exceptional numbers that have been recorded by NFL teams and players so far in 2020:

6,737 points
Most combined points over nine weeks in the history of the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs lead the league at this point with 286 points.

778 touchdowns
That’s the most combined touchdowns in the first nine weeks since the merger of AFL and NFL in 1970.

745 offensive touchdowns
This is the most aggressive production in the first nine weeks of a season. These are the leaders of 2020: Seattle Seahawks (36), Kansas City Chiefs (32) and Green Bay Packers (30).

95.1 Rating of the passers-by
Highest level for nine weeks in history.

65.8 Percentage of closing
Highest to nine weeks of each season.

50,7 points per game
This is the highest average score per game between two teams in the first nine weeks. In addition, there are four teams that still average more than 30 points per game, another record over nine games. These teams are the Seattle Seahawks (34.3), the Kansas City Chiefs (31.8), the Green Bay Packers (31.6) and the New Orleans Saints (30.5).

13-point deficits or greater
2020 is only the second season in history in which the first nine weeks of the season saw comebacks of 13 points or more every week.

13,046 training pitches from rookies
This year’s rookie crop has accumulated more training pitches than any other class in history, with the exception of the 1987 season mentioned earlier.

89 Scrimmage TDs from newcomers
The second one after the 1987 season.

There are some records that are not quite reached in 2020, but there are some that are over nine weeks in batting distance:

472 TD-Passes
The second most to nine weeks in history.

6,182 Total financial statements
The second most common combined degree runs for nine weeks in the history of the NFL.

29 comeback victories after a 10-plus deficit
This is the second most frequent in NFL history in the first nine weeks. There were now a total of 37 games – 4.1 per week – in which an NFL team came from behind to lead a game or draw after falling behind in the fourth quarter of this season.

The statistics were compiled by the National Football League.


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