After collapsing on the soccer field, Christian Eriksen was fitted with an internal pacemaker.


After collapsing on the soccer field, Christian Eriksen was fitted with an internal pacemaker.

After collapsing during a European Championship match, Danish professional soccer player Christian Erikson was fitted with an internal pacemaker and defibrillator device, according to the Danish soccer federation.

Eriksen was released from the hospital on Friday, six days after going into cardiac arrest during the first Euro 2020 match against Finland, according to the Associated Press. Following a meeting with the national team in Helsingr, the federation stated on Twitter that his procedure had been successful and that he would be returning home to spend time with his family.

With the announcement, the account also tweeted a statement from Eriksen, who stated he was “doing well despite the circumstances.”

“It has been fantastic to see and feel the vast amount of greetings,” he wrote. “It was amazing to meet the lads again following last night’s outstanding performance. It goes without saying that I shall be rooting for them against Russia on Monday.”

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Teams could risk fines if players remove refreshments provided by sponsors from news conferences at Euro 2020, according to UEFA, the governing body of European soccer.

During a press conference on Monday, Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo pulled two Coca-Cola bottles from in front of his microphone, a gesture that was imitated by Italy player Manuel Locatelli on Wednesday night following his team’s game against Switzerland.

Meanwhile, France’s Paul Pogba, a devout Muslim, withdrew a bottle of alcohol-free Heineken from his locker on Tuesday.

Similar actions could have ramifications in the future, according to UEFA, which has reminded players and clubs of their contractual commitments.

“UEFA has reminded participating teams that partnerships are critical to the success of the event and the growth of football across Europe, including for children and women,” the governing body said in a statement on Thursday.

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