After a two-year wait, Liverpool can finally unleash a destructive partnership.


After a two-year wait, Liverpool can finally unleash a destructive partnership.

The names of Liverpool’s best goal scorer and most creative player are well-known.

Mohamed Salah and Trent Alexander-Arnold are footballing super heroes, thus their powers are well recognized to anybody with even a passing interest in the sport.

Salah has 57 goals for the Reds since the start of the magnificent 2019/20 season, 17 more than Sadio Mane, the man in second place in the club’s standings.

Alexander-Arnold has scored 26 goals in the same time frame. On the assist front, Salah and Firmino are only five assists behind him, but Trent’s dominance in goal-setting is undeniable.

Salah and Alexander-Arnold are both off to strong beginnings this season, so there’s a good chance they’ll be at the top of the Premier League statistics for goals and assists in May. After all, that’s how they generally are.

Despite their numerous goal contributions in recent years, something unusual happened against Leeds United two weekends ago: Alexander-Arnold set up Salah for a goal.

Isn’t that something that happens all the time? No, Liverpool’s right-previous back’s goal for their right-sided striker came in the last league encounter of the 2018/19 season at St. James Park.

Between that encounter and the one at Elland Road, Alexander-Arnold and Salah played together in 95 games for a total of 7,491 minutes — neither player missing too much due to injury ( per Transfermarkt ).

Almost 125 hours, spread out over five days, is a significant amount of time spent playing football. It seems strange that their paths haven’t crossed amid the 86 goals they’ve either scored or assisted in that time.

Not least because in their first 67 outings together, Alexander-Arnold set up six goals for Salah. It’s a big jump from one assist every 11 games to none in 95.

Perhaps that isn’t all that unexpected after all. Because he and Salah play on the same side of the field, the young Scouser’s ability to send whipped crosses with exquisite accuracy is a key part of his creative arsenal. “The summary has come to an end.”


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