After a historic moment, Thiago Alcantara sets a new challenge for Liverpool.


After a historic moment, Thiago Alcantara sets a new challenge for Liverpool.

If Thiago Alcantara was always confident that moving to Liverpool was the best decision he’d ever made, not all Liverpool fans were.

The Spaniard’s struggles since joining from Bayern Munich 14 months ago have long been a source of discontent among the supporters.

Yes, there were positive signs as the Reds sought Champions League qualifying in the final stages of last season.

He hasn’t been able to create a regular influence for a variety of reasons.

Those past few days, on the other hand, might be a watershed point in Thiago’s Liverpool career.

After a strong showing against Arsenal over the weekend, the Spaniard put in another strong performance against Porto, displaying all of the traits that convinced Jurgen Klopp to sign him.

The passes elicited a purr from the Anfield crowd, who yanked the Portuguese in all directions, while some robust challenges reinforced his desire.

And there was the extra bonus of it being only his second goal for the club, which helped the Reds to a shockingly easy 2-0 victory, maintaining their perfect Champions League record this season.

What a shot it was, too, Thiago showcasing his tremendous technique when he hammered the descending ball into the bottom corner from 25 yards after Porto could only half clear a free-kick.

It spurred a much better second half performance from Liverpool, who rode their luck at times before the break as Porto attempted to take advantage of the already-qualified hosts’ understandable lack of urgency before wilting terribly.

Also encouraging was Thiago’s willingness to take on new responsibilities in the engine room alongside Tyler Morton, a teenage Champions League rookie, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who was once again impressive.

Even if the Reds were far from their best, the Spaniard was pivotal in the few times they looked like they might get out of second gear.

Before the game, Thiago stated that he wanted to be taken out of his comfort zone by moving to Liverpool.

However, it appears that the Spaniard has his foot firmly under the table at Anfield. The Reds’ task will be to keep him fit enough to continue contributing.


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