Adam Lallana talks about the “refusal” to leave Liverpool and the conversation with Jurgen Klopp.


Lallana left the Reds after six years with the Anfield Club in the summer after his contract expired in a free transfer.

Adam Lallana spoke openly about how he felt rejected at first when Jurgen Klopp told him that he was no longer needed in Liverpool.

Adam Lallana left Liverpool after six years with Anfield Club after his contract expired in the summer as part of a free transfer.

But although he was a regular in the early days of German rule, he slowly became a squad player due to the elite quality that enriched Klopp’s squad in recent years.

The former England international came from Southampton to Liverpool in July 2014 for 25 million pounds and was at the club when Klopp arrived.

“I had half an idea what the answer would be, but I thought it would be better to know and have an open conversation. We had so much respect for each other.

And although he was still playing for the Reds when they won the Premier League title, the 32-year-old had known for months that his time with the club was over.

“I went in and asked the question because I wanted to know what my future looked like,” he said when asked about his departure from Liverpool.

“But after a few days, when I realized that it was going to be my last season in Liverpool, I made sure that I treated every day, every training session as if it was my last, and took nothing for granted.

“It’s a funny feeling when you’re told that somehow you’re not wanted anymore. It’s an initial feeling of rejection, and I think that’s normal in any area of life.

“I have enjoyed the last six months as much as I have enjoyed every year I have been in the club.

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And while Lallana, who joined Brighton & Hove Albion this summer, admits that it was difficult to leave Merseyside, he is now enjoying his new phase in life with the East Sussex outfit.

“It was difficult to leave Merseyside. But I wouldn’t say I missed it or was homesick,” he added.

“It’s so refreshing to meet new people and build new relationships with your teammates, and I needed that. It was absolutely fantastic.”.


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